why kimia shargh tolou manufacture ?

• Long experience in the paraffin industry
• Apply up-to-date paraffin production knowledge and technology
• Variety in production of products in sizes Required orders
• Customer Satisfaction and Accountability
• Collaborate with reputable companies

Perspectives and goals

Kimia Shargh Toloo Production and Trading Company has not only tried to produce and produce domestic consumer goods, but also to produce and export its products to different parts of the world, including the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe, America and South America. Participate to be selected as the top exporter by providing the direct needs of its domestic and foreign customers and eliminating intermediaries by the Industry, Mining and Trade Organization. Kimia Shargh Toloo Production and Trading Company is trying to gain a better ranking by expanding its export capacity by optimizing sales in international markets.
However, it strives to make the most of its products to customers, both domestic and foreign.